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This is video/commercial I did for a new website called, FindTomorrow.Org.


A little over an hour documentary on the history, politics, and cultural significance of hair amongst black women and how the newly reemergence of the natural hair movement is slowly breaking down barriers in a mostly European-centric beauty culture.

Senior Project: A yearlong project all seniors at Purchase College must complete in order to graduate.

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Bianca Clendenin and her team braces the beginnings of Hurricane Sandy, which started to hit earlier this afternoon. The campus was pretty deserted, besides a few students still craving cigarettes. But overall students who decided to stay on campus are coping with the incoming weather

The brute of the storm is expected to hit this evening between 9pm-12am, according ABC 7 News.

Additional reporting done by Erik Alfonseca.

Originally published for The Purchase Brick