Where is the Female Version of Donald Glover?

Geek? Nerd? Dork? Some sort of combination of all three?

I was trying to think of any good role models that empower the geeky or nerdy black person. In the media there are often go-to stereotypes when it comes to black people. But thankfully, these characters are broadening.

When it comes to black men, instead of just having them shown as athletes or gangsta rappers, intelligent black men have become somewhat more acceptable in the media. Some would say cool.

But when I say geek or nerd, I don’t mean the popularity it has gained nowadays: i.e. Chris Brown wearing big black rim glasses and skinny jeans. I’m talking about someone who is interested in things that were once held as geek or nerd hobbies like video games, comic books, anime and manga, science fiction films and novels, and anything science or technological related.

That’s the person we’re seeing more in the media. Black geeks and nerds have come a long way, from Urkel to Glover.

So why can’t black woman be shown as geeky or nerdy? We are either shown as being sassy, bossy, or Beyotchy.  But there are some exceptions. Here is a list of women I think are proving geeky and nerdy black women exist in mainstream media.

– See more at: http://madamenoire.com/96452/where-is-the-female-version-of-donald-glover/#sthash.UiBYjUhz.dpuf


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