Is The World Ready for a Movie with Black Wonder Woman?

It’s a question the blogsphere tried to answers months ago. Many felt it was plausible, suggesting actress Gina Torres play the Amazon in a film adaptation. But these talks aren’t new.  There have been talks to have Wonder Woman on the silver screen and even a tv show was supposed to air back in 2011. Adrianne Palicki, a white woman, was picked to play the title character  but the show got cancelled before the first episode even aired.

It reminds me of the same debate that was going around on the interwebs a couple of years ago when Donald Glover was campaigning to be the next Spiderman in the newest film installment. We all know how that went. Andrew Garfield will be starring as the next Peter Parker in this year’s reboot of the Marvel movie comic book adaptation.

However some would say Glover’s campaigning worked,seeing that Marvel introduced Miles Morales: a half black and half Hispanic young man who becomes the next Spiderman in the Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man.  The creators said that Morales was inspired by Glover.

So if Spiderman can be black and there is even a black Batman, is there room for a black wonder woman?

Anyone familiar with the series knows there was actually a black Wonder Woman named Nubia in the comics. She was the twin sister of Wonder Woman.

It is sad enough there hasn’t been a major motion picture with a leading female superhero; but to add insult to injury, they are making a sequel to 2007’s flop “Ghost Rider.” (Good comic, terrible movie)  Actually let me rephrase that, there hasn’t been a successful major motion picture with a leading female comic book superhero. Sorry Halle, we wanted to like “Catwoman” but that movie was a train wreck. (She looked fierce however.)  And don’t even get me started on Elektra.

With the current cancellations of two major black comic book series, I wonder if the world is truly ready for a major motion picture with a black leading superhero and a successful female lead at that.

Do you think we should even worry about making white superheroes black? Or should we just support all the black characters out there, the ones we know and even the ones we don’t but should?

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