Everybody Hates Chris: The On Going Debate Over Chris Brown

Chris Brown took a lot of heat during his performance at the 54th Grammys. It has been three years since Brown has been to the annual awards show as a result of his domestic abuse event with his then girlfriend, singer Rihanna. Domestic abuse sadly happens all of the time to all types of people, but because both of these young performers are in the public eye, everyone saw their problems and criticized them both. There’s a love/hate split for Chris Brown in the music community. He still has tons of female fans who have forgiven him for what he did to Rihanna. They’ve forgiven him so much that they went on twitter complaining how Rihanna was stupid and would love for Chris Brown to beat them. Yes you heard that right. It speaks volumes to the self-esteem of some of the young ladies who admire the young singer. But it also shows that they don’t view Rihanna as a victim.


There are also tons of people, male and female, who think Chris Brown is the scum of the earth and should never make a single song again. Yet the same bloggers and twitter folks who complained about the Grammy’s allowance of Brown’s performance, didn’t even scratch the surface of other celebrity men who have been accused of hitting their female significant other. I know in that audience, there are probably countless men who have done the same as Brown, yet haven’t been nearly as criticized as him. Can anyone say Charlie Sheen? The man has been arrested for domestic abuse issues, yet he continued to get praise in the media and no one touched on the subject. Chris Brown being a young black male, who unfortunately   fits that ‘angry black man’ stereotype and has been subjective to more criticism than a lot of white men in that same industry. Not saying we should overlook the fact of what Chris Brown did, but I feel you need to do the same to everyone.

Where do I fall? I used to love Chris Brown and thought he had the potential to be the next big thing, and he still does. After finding out what he did to Rihanna, I was definitely disappointed. However on the same token, I do not know him personally, so why take it personally? If Rihanna has forgiven him, then that’s all that truly matters. So since then I have made the conscious decision to stop supporting Chris Brown.

The Chris Brown conversation is one I usually stay away from. Let’s be honest, most musicians or artists we like can be contradictory to our beliefs. We have to remember no artist is perfect. In all honesty, instead of worrying about Chris Brown we should be concerned with these young ladies who are glamorizing domestic abuse.

Where do you guys fall on the Chris Brown Debate? Do you think Chris Brown should be forgiven? Or do you think he should be blacklisted? Or could you care less?

– See more at: http://madamenoire.com/137153/everybody-hates-chris-the-on-going-debate-over-chris-brown/2/#sthash.CGQQHG1T.dpuf


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