Two Acts Announced at Fall Fest Meeting Monday Night

Originally published on The Purchase Brick

Two acts were announced at the Fall Fest Meeting Monday night by Major Events Coordinators Alicia Santiago and Andrew Sacher, along with a list of many of the artists that were unavailable for this year’s event.

This year Fall Fest will be Saturday October 29th.

Among some of the big names that have been suggested multiple times across the Fall Fest blog and Facebook thread were: Janelle Monae, Washed Out, Pixies, James Blake, Mountain Goats, Flying Lotus, The Weekend, Ice Age, St. Vincent, Girl Talk, Panda Bears, Odd Future and anything Odd Future related, and many others.

“Another Festival is also the same weekend as Fall Fest so a lot of the bands that were suggested are playing then,” explained Sacher.

One of the acts announced was the electronic band REALMAGIC, a 26-year-old art school grad whose real alias is Drew Englander. According to his website he influences include shoegaze, R&B, and grime.

Here’s a link to get further information:

The second act announced was Janka Nabay, an Bubu Music act from Sierra Leone. Bubu music is traditional music from Sierra Leone which consists of many artists blowing on bamboo flutes and pipes.

Nabay is backed by many artists of other popular Brooklyn indie bands such as; Gang Gang Dance, Zs, and Starring.

Many of the complaints students made about last year’s major events was the lack of diversity. The MEC’s agreed that this was a great example of having more world acts add to the lineup this year.

Both Sacher and Santiago are still looking for more suggestions of female fronted bands or female musicians because so for many of the suggestions have been denied. So this, along with any other suggestions can still be made.

“We are also looking for any artists on campus who would like to contribute and design the poster and t-shirts for Fall Fest,” said Santiago.

Fall Fest’s final lineup won’t be announced til October 13th.


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