The Land of the Dead: Zombie Prom

Originally published on The Purchase Brick

The dead were amongst the living Saturday night as they roamed the campus in search for a party for corpses. Purchase college hosted its 5th annual Zombie Prom Saturday April 9th, an event where students zombiefied themselves for an alternative spin to the classic prom everyone had to endure during high school.

The night started off with a zombie march at around 8 P.M.  from the quad, wrapping around the dorms, and finally ending at The Stood where the festivities were taken place. The Stood was transformed to Zombie Headquarters as students danced to DJs spinning horror inspired music ranging from techno to trance. At the end of the night a taco stand was placed, 200 tacos were given out for free.  It was one of the biggest hits on the night, leading to riots on the long line.

“This was my first Zombie prom and it was definitely interesting. Not a lot of other people from other schools can say they had a zombie theme prom,” said Freshman Alexa Dillenbeck a journalism student.

Some students got so into their act with elaborate themed costumes, either as zombie or zombie hunters. Girls had ripped dresses with tights, and guys had ripped shirts and pants. Students used a things for blood ranged from actual fake blood, paint, lipstick, and food coloring.

“I like the idea of Zombie Prom because instead of the typical prom experience, you don’t have to worry about having a date or looking amazing. Everyone looks like a mess and it’s great, “said Sophomore Emma Kelly a literature student.


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