New Students Find Themselves Living in Luxury Hotel Off Campus

Originally published on The Purchase Brick.

When Erik Alfonseca got his housing assignment in late August he wasn’t sure at first where he was exactly living. It said he would be living off campus in an apartment. Still not 100% sure what that meant, he called up Residence Life and found out that meant he would be living at a hotel off campus.

This story is similar to many of the new or transfer students to Purchase College this semester. Currently over a 100 students are living off campus at the luxurious AKA Korman hotel in White Plains.

Housing on campus is already completely full; Purchase has bought out almost six floors in the hotel, where many of the new students are adjusting to their new college life. For some living in the hotel is frustrating and not what they expected when they decided to dorm on campus.

Erik Alfonseca, 20-year-old Political Science student who just transferred from a two year college from Orange County wasn’t expecting to live at a hotel for his first time dorming.

AKA Korman is an executive hotel where college students aren’t usually the ones checking in.

“It’s a nice hotel. It’s very luxurious, just not for a student,” said Erik.

The promise the students the amenities of the hotel like having a free breakfast or enjoying the courtyard in before their arrival, however once they arrived they realized these same perks were quickly taken away.

Some students however don’t mind the experience.

Lilly Murray, a sophomore who is studying Psychology appreciates the amenities that the hotel provides.

“Essentially it’s comforting with all the amenities such as I get to cook my own food in my own kitchen, someone comes to clean our rooms every day, and I get to enjoy the peace and quiet when I get back to my room which is great for studying,” said Lilly. “It’s not a legit college experience, but I’m enjoying the perks while I still have them.”

One thing many of the students living at AKA can agree with as one of the biggest problem with living off campus is transportation.

“It’s really tough if you don’t have a car, especially if you have 8:30 am classes. The Loop isn’t always reliable,” said Erik.

Another huge issue is the culture clash between the students and the other guest at the hotel.
“When students come in with their pink hair and piercings into the hotel they are standing next to someone with a polo and Armani Pants. They look at us and wonder why we are here?” said the Psychology student.


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