MEC’s Alicia Santiago and Andrew Sacher Proactive for Next Year’s Fall Fest & Culture Shock

Originally published in The Purchase Brick

A small, but enthusiastic group of students gathered in the Stood on a Wednesday night to discuss their ideas for next year’s Fall Fest line-up with next year’s Major’s Event Coordinators, a first for Purchase, with diversity being the common theme amongst the participants.

Newly elected MEC’s Alicia Santiago and Andrew Sacher are already proactive by making a Facebook forum so students can post their ideas for musical acts for the next school year’s biggest functions; Fall Fest and Culture Shock.

Besides the forum, there’s a BlogSpot page called, “Apocalypse Shock”.

This is a first for MEC’s to hold a meeting before the new school year.

“There will be more meetings for next year, this is just to promote awareness that as the student body your voice counts,” said Andrew Sacher.

A few weeks ago there were debates raging around campus that events such as Culture Shock lacked diversity. Hip-hop act Cam’ron was a performer at this year’s Culture Shock which gained a lot of controversy because of his misogynistic and sexual lyrics.

Two different groups on campus were at odds with one another; FORTH, Feminists Organizing Real Transformation Here, a new feminist’s group on campus believed Cam’ron’s lyrics supported rape culture. Some members weren’t happy that their money was the funding this ideal.

On the other side, the Hip-Hop Club argued that this is unfortunately part of the culture. Their defense was that if he was barred from performing there would have been a lack of culture in Culture shock, seeing as he was the only hip-hop act and person of color.

So how is Santiago and Sacher going to deal with one of the biggest issues that plagued this year’s Culture Shock and Fall Fest, as well as the ones in previous years?

Students suggested an array of artists at the first meeting, the most popular ones mention go from the likes of artists as diverse as: The Auqabats, Odd Future, Gogol Bordello, Janelle Monae, Los Campinsos, Blu, Portishead, and many others.

“If someone says something on Facebook [in regards to the forum], we’ve been taking in account how many people like it. So if you see something you want, you should like, that way we can see what’s popular,” said Alicia Santiago.

Even though only about 20 students showed up for the first meeting, many were enthusiastic about diversifying the line-up for next year.

“We should try to get more world music, particularly something without non-western instruments,” one student mentioned.

Besides world music, other students suggested different genres of music such as folk, heavy metal, dupstep, bluegrass, and soul.

Both Santiago and Sacher were happy with the meeting, even with the small turnout.

“I think it went pretty well,” said both MEC’s said in unison. “Not a lot of people came, but we were able to have an actual conversation instead of just having people talking at each other so that was nice,” said Santiago.

“I was glad that everyone got to talk. It was more than just people just spitting out band names. That was pretty much the goal, to have people talking.” said Sacher.


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