Career Development Center’s 8th Annual Purchase College Job and Internship Fair

Students eagerly came to the Performance Arts Center here on campus as they scouted out possible job employments or internships for the upcoming summer and fall seasons.

The PAC hosted the Career Development Center’s 8th annual Purchase College Job and internship Fair on Wednesday March 24th. Current students were able to talk to over 70 organizations, all looking for positions ranging from summer interns to paid positions. It went on from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Prior to the fair, there was a weeklong job fair preparation in which the career development center hosted workshops for students to improve their skills so they could market themselves in the professional world.

Events such as What Not to Wear by J.Crew were created for students to learn how to dress the part for the future jobs they plan to seek.

Dressed in a dark charcoal suit and tie, Jared Bartlet, a 21-year old senior from St. Thomas Aquinas College, is a sales associate at J. Crew who came in during the prep week to give hints to students on how to dress to impress future employers.

“The thing is, you’re in college and you’re a hop skip in away from being a graduate. I’m about to graduate and you know your sort of can’t do everything that you’re doing now. Once you graduate you have to step your game up a little bit. I think events like this are informative,” said Bartlet.

The director of the career development center, Wendy Morosoff discussed events like the One Minute Commercial; students practiced their first impressions when they meet future employers for the first time at the job fair.

“When you’re a college student you sort of taught that I don’t want to brag about myself. Maybe you don’t feel like it’s appropriate. But it’s sort of something you have to get used to once you get into your upper years in college; to present a positive of yourself without being overly boastful. You don’t want to go up to then and say well I was valedictorian of my class and I have a 3.9 GPA. That’s not the approach,” said Morosoff.

There was also resume workshops where students can get theirs critic.

So how did students think they weighed in at the job fair? Megan Edmonds, a junior Psychology student, was dressed sharp for the occasion. Wearing a gray suit, with a white bottom down shirt, and a bright red bow tie, Edmonds combined professional with a creative spin.

“I’m upset that explorer schools aren’t here. I’m thinking about being a teacher, but overall my experience has been good,” said a slightly frustrated Edmonds as she was snacking in the lounge area for students.

She was in hopes for looking for a job or internship that either dealt with counseling or something dealing with advocacy.

“We try to motivated people that there is opportunities and there’s something for everyone, you mind as well just come. Even if you line something up at the fair, it’s still worthwhile to have the experience,” said Morosoff.


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