Alt Clinic Closes for Liability Issues, Students Petition Against Decision

Originally published on The Purchase Brick.

From the White House to Purchase College, women’s contraceptive rights seem to be a hot issue right now. Last week Purchase College’s Alternative Clinic was shut down after nearly 30 years of service. The Alternative Clinic was put in place to be another option for students on campus to seek medical and even emotional assistance.

It was also seen as safe haven for women who opted out of for the typical medical aid. It was a place for people who didn’t feel comfortable with maybe using their own doctors or even the health services that is available on the campus. Birth control and other forms of contraceptive were provided, now students will have to rely solely on health services.

Professor Karen Baird, the faculty advisor, explained that there weren’t any signs at first that the clinic was under any investigation. During the fall semester everything was going by fine. It wasn’t into recently, Nancy Rueben, director of health services felt that the college could be at risk having this clinic, according to Baird.

“Things have changed over the last 30 years, valid concerns, but the clinic has been around since the 70s…and in the 30 years it’s been around nothing has happened of that nature. On a worldwide scale, I understand that medical liability is real thing”, said Baird.

The clinic hires student interns to help run the clinic. However no student actually takes part in the medical procures. Everything is done by the nurse practitioner; the students are just there to deal with paperwork or moral support.

Another big concerns Baird is worried about is if Health Services will be able to deal with an even heavier caseload. It is now the only place on campus that caters to students and faculty medical needs.

The Alternative Clinic however will still be able to give emotional assistance to students who are in need, and help educate those who want to learn more about women’s health issues. They will still be helping with Women Out Loud and other similar ventures.

Currently there is an online petition circulating around in hopes to reverse the decision of closing down the clinic.


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